If you are a Company Director, a High earning individual, Charity Trustee or Property Owner you might have received a tax return from the HMRC which must be submitted by the 31st October or 31st January . Completing a tax return could be stressful and worrisome. A few tax payers are now opting to complete these personal tax returns regardless of the fact that they have limited knowledge of what they are entitled to claim they therefore end up paying too much tax. Let us help you get your personal tax return right the first time and save tax.


With the global downturn and economic meltdown many have been laid off and are considering the option of becoming sole traders or self employed. If you are planning to become self employed or a sole trader or you are already self employed or a sole trader -AA Matthew & Co is able to help you through the potential minefield of tax returns, year end accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and employment law. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your accountancy and tax requirements.


Partnerships are basic legal structures for operating businesses however like a marriage it has potential pitfalls and requires professional advice before startup and continuing guidance even after years of operation. AA Matthew & Co has over twelve years experience of advising and assisting partnerships in their business and tax goals. If you are a partnership we can help you with Partnership Agreements, Tax obligations, Partners Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Payroll and much more.


The bane of partnerships and Sole Traders is the unlimited liability to debts owed by the business however this is addressed by the Limited Liability Partnership which is a sort of a hybrid between the concepts of Partnership and Limited Liability. If you are a Limited Liability Partnership or you are considering becoming one we would be delighted to help you.


Limited liability companies remain efficient vehicles for running a business, reducing personal liability to business debt and making huge savings in tax liabilities. If you are considering starting a company or are currently running one we could help you with business and tax advise that could boost your profitability and ensure significant tax savings.



Charities are voluntary organisations setup by members for public benefit. AA Matthew & Co has worked with and continues to work with Charities at all levels of Charity formation, Charity Operation and Charity Accounting. We have developed a core experience that would prove invaluable to you.


Churches and other religious organisations can also benefit immensely from our expertise in Charity Law, Charity Accounting and required Charity Governance and Internal Control procedures in the formation and running of your religious organisation.


Community Interest Companies [CIC] are a type of company designated for Social Enterprises set up to use their assets and profits for the public good. At AA Matthew & Co we are experienced in giving advise on CICs and producing Year end accounts.


We have a premier offer for Contractors and Freelancers based on our over twelve years experience with Contractors. Our accountancy service has the needs of the Contractor for clarity, tax savings and fast tax return and accounts production in mind. We have a monthly fee arrangement in place which incorporates VAT return preparations and filing and Monthly PAYE amongst others.


The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) as laid out by HMRC sets out rules for how subcontractors engaged in construction work are to be paid by contractors and certain other businesses termed ‘Deemed Contractors’. AA Matthew & Co is able to provide a comprehensive CIS Contractors service for both Contractors and Subcontractors such as registering Contractors with HMRC, verifying subcontractors with HMRC, Filing Monthly Online returns with HMRC amongst others.


We have developed a holistic approach to service delivery and view Business Startup and Personal Development training as the primary catalyst for business success in the market place. The transfer of skills, knowledge and information is the bedrock on which thriving businesses are built and developed. At AA Matthew & Co our experts are high quality specialists in the field of Business Startups and Business Growth Modelling. We would work with you to formulate your business mission, identify opportunities and strengths of your proposed business venture or present business, uncover your Strengths and Weaknesses, analyse and project your financial position and help diagnose your organisation-assessing your people, structure and systems. We would assist you in preparing a Marketing Plan, a People Plan, a Financial Plan and the complete Business Plan.

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We have engaged AA Matthew & Co as our accountants for over 8 years. Wonderful peace of mind of knowing you can always receive necessary and informed advice for financial and strategic planning. The promptness and excellence of their service delivery is second to none. LA, Preston

AA Matthew & Co provides an excellent service, well recommended for small business. The Partner and staff are always willing to help as they are aware of the daily problems faced by new businesses. Their fees are competitive and fair. You must  subscribe to their services to appreciate them better! DB, London 

Over the last 8 years or so , the services of AA Matthew & Co has been truly professional and their work ethic, time management and valued advise has been quite impressive. It has been a real privilege to be subscribed to your services. We hope the future will bring further synergies between our businesses. AO, Kent