The term 'Compliance' refers to statutory,legal and compulsory requirements placed on Businesses, Self Employed persons, Charities and other organisations operating in the United Kingdom as stipulated by law and practice. A compliance failure for any business and Self Employed Persons could attract stiff penalties and possible legal action including prison sentences therefore any business or Self Employed Person must get this aspect right in order to survive, thrive and grow.


The market place is changing at broadband speed, business complexities are mounting with increasing statutory obligations. To consistently deliver profits and the business performance you desire, you need knowledgeable, time efficient and cost effective accountancy services which we aim to provide. 

Accountancy services provided include:

  • Year End historical financial statements to fulfil regulatory compliance with the Companies Act 2006.
  • Year End historical financial statements to fulfil industry regulatory compliance such as the Charities Act 2011.


An individual worker who personally performs or is obligated to personally perform services for the purposes of a business carried on by another person through the use of an intermediary such as a Limited liability company or a partnership (the contractor Firm) is subject to the IR 35 rules. IR 35 rules (1999) were put in place by HMRC to ensure workers using intermediaries are unable to avoid national Insurance contributions through the payment of dividend.

We offer the following service to help reduce the impact of IR 35 rules on the worker:

  • Company Formation
  • Payroll Services
  • Dividend Administration
  • Reimbursement of Expenses
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Statutory Matters
  • Accounts Production
  • VAT Returns
  • Tax Planning


Value added tax is a complex and often misunderstood tax regime imposed on businesses in the United Kingdom. As a result of its onerous requirements a number of businesses end up underpaying or overpaying VAT.It is rather easy to fall foul of HMRC's ever changing regulations and constant ever widening scope of VAT requirements therefore you need a professional accountant with an eye to detail to oversee your VAT obligations. AA Matthew & Co. has the required expertise to guide your organisation through the varied pitfalls of the VAT regime.

We provide an efficient VAT service, which includes:

  • VAT Registration
  • Advise on Appropriate VAT Schemes
  • VAT Planning and Control
  • Quarterly VAT Returns
  • Overseeing VAT Investigations and Disputes

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In recent years particularly with the downturn of the economy the construction industry has been volatile, unstable and in trouble. The changes made by HMRC has brought tough rules and stiff penalties to the contractors, subcontractors and building and engineering firms operating in the Industry. We are experienced, knowledgeable and quite familiar with the HMRC Subcontractor scheme and offer a tailored service for Sub contractors seeking repayment claims and main contractors for periodic and annual returns to HMRC. Call us today for a free initial CIS contractor service consultation.


AA Matthew & Co. has administered and completed hundreds of self assessment returns for our clients who are either self employed persons, high earning individuals, Directors, Partners or employees. Whichever of these groups you belong to , we have the knowhow, experience and dedication to help you make a valid return within a tax planning backdrop to ensure you pay lower tax.

As a self employed person we help you in the following areas:

  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Adminstration
  • National Insurance Contribution Payments
  • Tax Liability Calculations
  • Tax Planning options

We accept and work with documentation at every level: from paper bag full of invoices and receipts to excel spreadsheets or the more sophisticated bookeeping packages such as SAGE or Quickbooks.


Landlords with a single property or multiple properties on Buy to let mortgages have peculiar accountancy and tax needs that make them a valid subsection of the self assessment market which we define as the 'Landlord Self Assessment Returns' market. We have practical experience of being personal landlords and have the experience and knowhow of dealing with a reasonable portfolio of landlords whose needs we have met over the last 12 years of operations. We are able to apply the technical requirements of Schedule A in the assessment of your tax whilst claiming the necessary expenses on your behalf and looking at the implication of Capital Gains Tax and Inhetiance Tax. Give us a call today for a free initial Landlord Self Assessment Returns Service consultation.


The HMRC in recent times has introduced stiffer penalties for companies that fail to deliver tax returns as and when due. A meticulous approach to Corporation tax planning is required in order to accurately assess tax liabilities, deliver timely tax returns and made timely payments. We have managed numerous Corporation tax returns for our clients spread across almost every major industry. Let us help you today to avoid the harsher and strict HMRC tax regime in place today.

We offer a list of services to relieve you of the administrative burden of compliance to the statutory demands of HMRC.

These include:

  • Corporation Tax Planning in order to reduce your tax liability
  • Advising on tax efficient arrangements to reduce the incidence of tax
  • Determing the optimum capital or revenue treatment and much more.


A proper understanding of the UK tax system is vital to the success of any UK based business enterprise. You must be appropriately advised on tax issues. Tax legislation can be very complex with automatic penalties for late submission of Tax returns or for incorrect disclosure. Our tax experience over the years and our growing knowledge of tax issues confronting modern based businesses places us in a suitable position to help you with your tax position both to ensure you save on tax through tax planning and to avoid tax penalties through timely but accurate tax return delivery.

Tax services offered include:

  • Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • VAT Planning
  • Company Car Tax Planning
  • Personal Tax Planning


The Business entrepreneur is daily burdened with the routine of the legal and administrative burden of running a business. The complexities of modern business makes it an uphill task to engage all business functions in-house hence the need to outsource certain business functions or processes in a bid to increase efficiencies and reduce cost. Outsourcing is the process whereby the internal business function of an organisation is handed over to an independent organisation under a contractual agreement at a fee.

AA Matthew & Co. serves as an important extension of your business as we aim to provide an outsourced service with technical dexterity and home grown integrity. Over the years we have developed the following outsourced service:


Business owners face a huge amount of demand on their time to produce timely management reports which allow for informed decision making. This is time you simply haven't got. AA Matthew & Co. solves this time problem by working with you to produce the following:

  • Monthly Manangement Accounts
  • Cash flow reports
  • Profit & Loss Reports/Balance Sheet Reports
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reports
  • Cost Centre and Project Analysis
  • Customer and Supplier Activity and Balances
  • Performance Ratios

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HMRC has recently launched an extensive 'Business Records Check' programme with the stated aim of establishing whether the records your business is keeping is adequate for the nature and size of the business and whether the records kept are sufficient enough to help you complete all your tax returns accurately. Most small businesses will run foul of these basic checks and extreme failure on your part of keeping adequate records could result in financial penalties. These are genuine reasons why you have to get your bookkeeping right. AA Matthew & Co. has a bookkeeping service dedicated to help you get your records straight. We can take your books away and perform the necessary work at our office or we can work at your office. Call us today to book a free initial bookkeeping consultation.


In-house Payroll administration can be time consuming, expensive in terms of staff cost and a basic resource diversion away from your core activities. Complexity of taxation regulations, a stiff regime of penalties and ever changing employment law further complicates the in-house payroll function.

At AA Matthew & Co. we offer the following payroll functions to help you save time and money:

  • Adminstration of PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Sickness Pay
  • Monthly Payslips with computed tax liability to be forwarded to HMRC by the Employer
  • Year end statutory obligations including the production of the Employers returns [P35], the P60 for staff and the P14s for HMRC
  • Incentive schemes, bonuses, ex-gratia and termination

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Our business consultancy varies in its depth, analysis, range and specificity based on the unique and multi -faceted requirements of our clients. From the preparing of a business plan to the filing of a Gift Aid Tax Reclaim you will find us able to meet and often surpass your perceived requirements.



We have assisted quite a number of Charities with registration with Charity Commission. We advise on the charity's legal vehicle via Trust, Company Limited by Guarantee , Charity Incorporated Organisation or Association weighing both the pros and cons of each vehicle and its appropriateness to the charity you have in mind.


The process of Company Formation has become simplified by online access. We may be able to incorporate a company the same day for the normal price please call us to find out more.


Directors may choose to value their business for a myriad of reasons including prospective sale of the business, exit implementation, retirement plans or succession planning. Whichever reason may lead you along this route we would work along side you to place a professional valuation on your business.


A number of businesses run their operations without proper structures and systems. The accounting function and its attendant systems are crucial to the success of your business. We can work with you to ensure your accounting systems are operational.


Internal control procedures and systems are non existent or haphazard in a number of businesses making them susceptible to fraud, irregularities and loss. We are experienced in the art of implementing internal control systems.



Companies, Partnerships or individuals during the course of running their business over a period of time would in all probability be subject to some form of enquiry, records check or full tax enquiry into a tax return. We have dealt with HMRC tax investigation over the years and can confirm that clients find HMRC tax investigations quite stressful, demanding, disruptive and perhaps annoying. We can take this stress away from you by dealing with the tax enquiry on your behalf. If you have a pending tax enquiry give us a call and we would be able to help you.


At AA Matthew & Co. we offer a specialist personal tax planning service suited to your individual needs. We particularly advise on tax liability minimization in the following areas:

  • Income tax
  • Inheritance Tax (IHT)
  • Capital gains tax (CGT)
  • Benefits in Kind [BIKs]


Every registered charity is entitled to reclaim a portion of tax on donations paid by its donors. If you have not reclaimed such taxes or have lagged behind in your tax reclaims you are losing money which we would gladly help you recover same through the Gift Aid Tax Reclaim.



In engaging the services of an accountant or business consultant what is paramount in your mind is results. Can this firm conduct competent market research and high quality analysis in order to determine the viability of the proposed project? At AA Matthew & Co. we tick the right boxes. Our partners have over 22 years of business experience working with a number of companies, firms and partnerships locally and overseas.


The preparation of Business plans is a primary strength at AA Matthew & Co. We work with you to discover your Business position to date and engage competent market research in order to discover the traits and characteristics of your customers, competitors, industry and market structure. We work with you to devise a competitive business strategy and help prepare an operations plan.


We are high quality specialists in the field of Business Startups and Business Growth Modelling. We would work with you to formulate your business mission, identify opportunities and strengths of your proposed business venture or present business, uncover your Strengths and Weaknesses, analyse and project your financial positon and help diagonise your organisation-assessing your people, structure and systems.We would assist you in preparing a Marketing Plan, a People Plan, a Financial Plan and the complete Business Plan.


Business Mentoring and coaching is for the wise. Engaging a Buiness mentor can help guide your strategy, processes and plans. A Business mentor can bring invaluable advice, skillset and business experience that is not readily available to your organisation. Business mentoring and coaching has been known to increase turnover, productivity and corporate profit. AA Matthew & Co. offers an invaluable mentoring and coaching service by bringing a fresh perspective formed by a wealth of business experience and high quality analytical skills. We are here to help stimulate, develop, challenge and support you in business.


Marketing and Strategy formulation and processes are critical to the success and the future of any organisation in the market place. Any organisation that would survive in the 21st Century must develop competencies in the area of identifying, satisfying and keeping the customer. Business is defined as the activity of making and keeping customers. Profit making allows the business to continue to serve its customers. Our experts have the training, skill, qualifications and passion to work with you in developing your marketing function and overall Corporate strategy.


Today's market place is dynamic, volatile and uncertain. It is considered necessary and expedient to have a comprehensive risk management strategy to survive and thrive in a recession ravaged global economy. The management of risk is a major control tool of organisations who are desirous of prospering in these very difficult times.Our experts are experienced, highly trained and are passionate at helping you survive these turbulent times by working with you to identify, assess and plan the numerous business risks to which your organisation is exposed and help develop with you a Corporate risk response including the management of these risks.


A Business analyst is someone who helps businesses solve problems, they may have, in achieving their objectives and goals. Our experts are highly intelligent, remarkably resourceful and work with proven imagination to help model the business by engaging a mix of systematic thinking, investigative skills, innovation, communication, root cause analysis, and persuasion in order to come up with pragmatic, practical, proven and intelligent solutions and recommendations that will help your organisation move forward towards its goals and objectives.


Many organisations fail not because they are not competent at the delivery of their primary function of building a product that customers are willing and able to buy but because they neglect the Finance function which is critical to the survive of any organisation. Organisations run on cash. When cash is no longer available due to lamentable financial policies the organisations are declared insolvent and are wound up. We have the primary qualifications, experience and passion in Finance and Accountancy that would be of great help to you.

Also, we consult on the following:

  • Financial Planning
  • Analysing and Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Identifying Appropriate Sources of Finance
  • Project Investment Analysis
  • Working Capital Management


Budgeting and cost control are viable tools for the survival of organisations in the present global recession economy. Budgeting is monetary planning. It is the distilling of corporate plans and objectives into monetary terms over a period of time. The discipline of Budgeting is a corporate culture all organisations that would survive these difficult times must possess. We have the skill, business experience and resourcefulness to help your organisation set up the control function of preparing, monitoring and controlling your activities and results through competent budgeting. We help identify waste and unnecessary costs your organisation is carrying and assist in helping you eliminate such waste.

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