At AA Matthew & Co we believe that the client is king, we are here to serve you with every skill, technical mastery, market knowledge and Industry expertise at our disposal. However our approach is unique and different from the mass of accountants in the UK market. At AA Matthew & Co. we seek to 'Create Value and Deliver Excellence' for our clients by first understanding your needs.


No two clients have the same needs. Each is different and unique in terms of their business size, turnover, cost structure, industry, business vehicle and so on. Therefore before admitting a client we seek to understand what they are hoping to achieve by engaging us as their accountants.

We seek to understand your Personal Development aspirations, Business Development Plan and Exit Strategy. On this basis, we design and offer a curious mix of services that would ensure the client is working towards personal and business success whilst complying with the many and varied legal requirements of Companies House and HMRC.

At AA Matthew & Co. we are determined that our clients:

  • Achieve Success
    The ultimate goal of all human beings in whatever vocation is success at personal and corporate levels. We work with you to ensure that there is a steady progress towards your personal and corporate goals
  • Save Money
    We are proud of how we have saved our clients thousands of pounds, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last twelvec years through prudent business planning, tax advice, tax planning and tax strategies. We aim to help you achieve your goal of reducing your tax liabilities.
  • Protect Your Wealth
    At AA Matthew & Co. we take the present and future protection of your wealth very seriously. Your wealth can easily be eroded by paying avoidable taxes and penalties through inept tax planning, inefficient accounts administration and a lack of critical futuristic thinking. We act to help you wade through the legalities of tax planning, work with trusted partners in the Financial Services industry in issues such as:
    • Trusts
    • Wills
    • Insurance
    • Pensions
  • Save Time and Administrative Effort
    Saving time and eliminating burdensome and avoidable administrative effort in the running of your business is the dream of millions of business owners. Through the strategic use of the Sage Instant Accounting Systems by our clients, we are able to save you litres of time which you can actively invest in the core aspects of your business or at home where it matters most thereby creating the perfect work-life balance you have always desired.
  • Achieve Peace of Mind
    With AA Matthew & Co. representing you with HMRC, administering your tax returns and overseeing your accounts production and filing there should be no further fear in your mind concerning penalties, incompetent work or late filing. We know our onions. We have been accountants for decades.
  • Reduce the incidence of Costly and Lengthy Tax Investigations
    In recent times HMRC has stepped up tax investigations, introduced new penalty regimes and record keeping checks. AA Matthew & Co. with your cooperation can help reduce incidence of tax investigations due to technical incompetence. We cannot guarantee that you would not be investigated but we guarantee to stand with you through the tax investigation. Please note that we do charge to help in the case of a tax investigation.
  • Fast Turnaround of Year End Accounts and Tax Returns
    We hold ourselves accountable to our clients and aim to deliver the final draft of the year end accounts within a 2 month period from the time we receive all required paperwork or electronic input.


The first step to success in life is clarity. To succeed you must be clear as to where you wish to be in 1, 2, 5 or 10 years time. AA Matthew& Co. encourages and helps you to develop Personal Development Plans and Business Development Plans to help create a bridge that brings you to your desired end. We explain the process of the work undertaken on your behalf and leave no room for ambiguity in terms of level of service, price and delivery dates. We help you to understand and appreciate the value you are paying for.


If clarity is the first step to success, then communication certainly achieves a close second. We aim to communicate to our clients at all times the various changes in law, taxes and technology though our upcoming e-newsletter: Rubicon. A core aspect of communication is listening . We aim to continue to listen to our client’s praise, suggestions and complaints so we can continue to change and serve you better.


Online Tax and Accountancy filing is the future of statutory accounting, whilst Cloud accounting is the future of business accounting. We have a system in place to ensure our clients make the best out of these new breakthrough technologies.


AA Matthew & Co. offers free consultation and business advice at our first meeting. Once engaged as our client we still continue to offer free business advice on the phone or by email.


We consider ongoing client support an integral part of our service and have for the last number of years offered the following conveniences to our clients:

Late closing hours – We work till late and would still pick up your phone calls up to 9pm from Monday to Friday

Saturday Office Hours - We find it is often convenient for clients to visit us [if they desire to] on Saturdays away from the rush hours of Monday to Friday. These appointments are by pre-agreement but it is a delight to know it is available.

Telephone- You can contact us on phone Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm.

Online- Send an email to us at or visit this website and fill out the contact form.

Mobile Phone- Call us in and out of hours on 07930 105233.

Text- A 24 hour text phone is available so you can send us a text anytime on 07930 105233

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We have engaged AA Matthew & Co as our accountants for over 8 years. Wonderful peace of mind of knowing you can always receive necessary and informed advice for financial and strategic planning. The promptness and excellence of their service delivery is second to none. LA, Preston

AA Matthew & Co provides an excellent service, well recommended for small business. The Partner and staff are always willing to help as they are aware of the daily problems faced by new businesses. Their fees are competitive and fair. You must  subscribe to their services to appreciate them better! DB, London 

Over the last 8 years or so , the services of AA Matthew & Co has been truly professional and their work ethic, time management and valued advise has been quite impressive. It has been a real privilege to be subscribed to your services. We hope the future will bring further synergies between our businesses. AO, Kent